eHealth, Telemedicine, Mobile Health, Digital and Virtual Hospitals are the focus areas of the healthcare sector in recent years. This study was conducted to discuss the fact that how these technological developments will affect the present and future years of the health sector (Hospitals, healthcare workers, diagnosis and treatment processes) and to offer a future perspective for the sector.
Part of the data of the study was obtained through interviews conducted in 2016 in the Netherlands, the leading country in eHealth and Telemedicine, and the other part was obtained by content analysis, a qualitative research method, and by analyzing the secondary sources.
As a result of the study, it has been concluded that the eHealth system provides innovation, speed and flexibility to the health sector, reduces the referral rate to the second line, provides a gain up to 50% in health costs and a gain up to 35% in productivity (digital hospitals etc.), and enables the individuals who have difficulty to reach any healthcare services (isolated areas) due to geographical distance, economical and other reasons to access the healthcare services for 24/7 hours via eHealth system. It has been also concluded that the physical area of hospitals is becoming smaller thanks to eHealth and thus the hospitals may carry their services farther (digital and virtual hospitals) using more complex and advanced technology.

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