March 30, 2018

Plant material and collection sites: Wild red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) populations were collected during the Caucasus Mountain exploration in 1995 in areas that had not been cultivated or actively managed for pasture improvement. Seed was collected from fifty or more randomly sampled individual plants in each population. Populations were sampled from 33 locations (Table 1). (Ref 1)

Germplasm evaluation: In 1998, original seed of the 33 Caucasus red clover populations were planted in a field at Prosser, Washington, USA (46.29 latitude, 119.73 longitude, elevation 112.6 m). Supplemental irrigation was applied to maintain soil moisture at field capacity through the growing season. Weeds were controlled by tillage and herbicides. The common garden experiment was arranged as a randomized complete block design with four replications. For each entry, a total of 60 plants were evaluated for 15 traits (Table 2). With the exception of leaf mark, which was measured using a six-class nominal scale, all attributes were quantitative. (Ref 1)

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