Agnihotra – new method counteracting effects of environmental pollution on our health

1. Aim or purpose

A study done at Cornell University (New York State, U.S.) found that pollution of water, air and soil cause 40% of deaths worldwide.1
This problem of environmental pollution did not exist to this extent even a few decades before, and this is a new challenge for medicine also.
A relatively new method of purification of our environment offers a tool to reduce this danger for our health to both doctors of medicine as well as to patients.

2. Materials and methods

This method comes from the Vedic Knowledge of Ayurveda.
The basic tool is Agnihotra, a pyramid fire performed according to the biorhythm of sunrise and sunset. Agnihotra is said to purify atmosphere, water resources, and soil from biological, chemical, and physical pollution.
These claims have been examined in different experiments.

3. Results

What could be shown is:
Bacteria in air are reduced, water purified, and beneficial bacteria in soil prosper whereas harmful microbes are controlled.
Bacteria lose pigment formation capability and thus get less virulent when Agnihotra Ash is applied.

How powerful this method of Agnihotra is could be seen during the world’s worst ever and the biggest industrial disaster till date which took place in Bhopal on the night of 2-3 December 1984.
Methyl Isocynate (MIC) gas leaked sometime in the midnight from Union Carbide Factory in Bhopal, India, causing great havoc.
Thousands of people died, and many thousands more were seriously affected.
However, all those performing daily Agnihotra in Bhopal were safe. There was not a single fatality, nobody who performed Agnihotra regularly at sunrise and sunset) fell sick and neither suffered a mentionable financial loss.
It was like Agnihotra created a very protective armour for all of them.

4. Conclusions

This method can be used in hospitals to purify the air, and it can also be used by patients to create a healing environment at home.
Fumes enter the body through lungs and skin purifying the blood.
Good for respiratory problems e.g. Asthma or tuberculosis.
More research is suggested, e.g. to find out whether Agnihotra can also control multi drug-resistant bacteria which now create a big problem especially in hospitals worldwide.

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